International Academic Forum on Art and Science



1. Background

The unity of truth, goodness and beauty is the eternal pursuit of mankind. In order to seek truth,  science generates , in order to seek beauty, the art generates. Art and science are like the wings of a bird and the two wheels of a car, which together promote social progress and ceaseless human civilization. In this process, art and science have always been mutually beneficial and integrated, they have different ways, but both stop at the truth and the goodness. Both Chinese and foreign scholars in the ancient times have had an insight into the relationship between the two. Aristotle said that art is the intellectual means for human beings to grasp the natural world, while Zhang yanyuan believed that painting can make changes and measure the subtle. With the rapid development of informatization and intelligence today, science is pursuing greater breakthroughs, and art is also facing faster transformation. The boundary and thinking paradigm between art and science will be further broken through, and the trend of mutual integration is more obvious. Science has already given us an unprecedented new understanding of the nature of artistic activities; the unique aesthetic experience of art can stimulate the imagination and creativity of scientists, to shape our technological path, and promote the further common development of science and art.

As the first academy of fine arts in the world, Florence academy of fine arts in Italy has always adhered to the educational concept of the integration of art and science, it enjoys the reputation of the mother of art schools and the first of the four art academies in the world. Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, as an internationally renowned institution of higher education , which has distinctive characteristics of science and engineering , is also committed to exploring the combination and integration of art and science. In order to explore the deep integration of art and science, two institutions in different fields of education, from east and west, jointly held the first international BBS of art and science in the autumn of 2019.

International experts and scholars from Italy, the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea will be invited to the conference, also domestic experts and scholars from Tsinghua university, Zhejiang university, central academy of fine arts, China academy of fine arts, Nanjing art institute, Beijing institute of technology, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics and so on will come to the conference. They are going to discuss the related issues of arts and sciences, share the achievements of frontier in the field of art and science.

Ii. Discussion topics

1. The study of Da Vinci's thoughts of art and science ;

2. Art discipline development in the context of artificial intelligence ;

3. Artistic experience and communication from the perspective of Media Convergence;

4. Traditional art and modern technological innovation ;

5. The research of thoughts of art and science;

6. Integration of art and science and cultivation of talents ;

7. Other related topics in the art and science .


Iii. Essay requirements

This conference is now soliciting articles domestic and foreign. After expert review, some articles will be selected for conference communication, and recommended to high-level journals for publication.

1. Participant should draw up a topic for discussion around the theme and topics of the conference, which requires clear theme, clear logic, novel content and rigorous argumentation.

2. The article should be unpublished and original, the number of words should be about 8000-10000. The paper should be up to the standard requirements. The author's name, the place of work, duty and academic title, contact and correspondence address should be attached to the end of the article.

3. Please send your article to [email protected] before September 10, 2019 (In the email title, please indicate the words International Academic Forum on Art and Science). The organizing committee will organize experts to review the articles and determine the list of authors.

4. The academic committee of the forum will select excellent articles to publish an assembly documents.

Iv. Contact for conference affairs

The meeting fee of this forum is free. The conference organizers will be responsible for the catering during the conference, and the accommodation and transportation expenses will be self-provided. Specific arrangements and invitations will be sent separately.

Contact person: Fan xuezhi, Luo liangqing


Telephone: 025-52075801, 13770847787,18936019972

E-mail: [email protected]

Sponsor: Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Florence academy of fine arts

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